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Support for entrepreneurs
We support the development of your project, through a method that promotes and improves your business context

Business plan

We elaborate your Business Plan, in order to provide your company with useful and orderly information for its design.

The Business Plan generates strategic actions to make your company viable to give added value to your products or services. Whitaker Mexico facilitates in a single event, legal, financial, accounting, administrative and commercial, which you as an entrepreneur need to take your project to success.

Marketing plan

Successful businesses have one thing in common: a deep understanding of what their customers want. For this reason, Whitaker México generates strategies to:

  • Identify your target market.
  • Discover the preferences and needs of your customers.
  • Develop a plan to build value differences for your offer.

Our marketing plan positions your company in the market and strengthens its way of reacting to it's conditions, generating sales, attracting new customers and making your company a great opportunity to invest.

In order to generate a great impact for the initial investment, Whitaker Mexico strengthens your strategic planning, through certainty and legal security, financial solidity and a timely adaptation to change.

Public relations

We generate experiences and environments suitable for the development of your brand, with the commitment to accelerate the growth and success of your project.

Our positioning experience allows us to create innovative and creative solutions, with a 360º service in communication, graphic identity, branding, showroom and event production.


Every day is an opportunity to influence or be influenced. Your contacts network is vital for the growth and achievement of the goals for your company, so a strategy must be developed wich allows you to strengthen the bonds you have formed.

Through connections with other entrepreneurs, Whitaker Mexico offers you the possibility to improve your line of suppliers, expand your clients portfolio, and even make possible strategic alliances giving value to your offer.

Market Research

We study the external and internal aspects of your company, the first to locate your direct competitors and study the economic strength of your environment, and the second to identify its advantages and strengths.

Thanks to this you will be able to structure the future actions within the market, to detect business opportunities and to know the best way to face the threats.

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