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Tax law

Our consultants in the Fiscal Area include the following services:

  • Care and combat of tax credits imposed by the SAT, Ministry of Finance, IMSS, INFONAVIT and INVEA.
  • Attention and response to requirements by the various regulatory authorities.
  • We serve and follow embargoes that regulatory authorities intend to implement.
  • We process credit balance refunds and authorizations.
  • Review of opinions and statements.
  • We process resources and judgments on behalf of your company.

Corporate law

The corporate area provides various services to our customers in the business area, within which are:

  • Building partnerships and civil society as well as commercial, trade or stock companies.
  • Registration, renewal and cancellation of companies in the Register of Foreign Investment.
  • Development of corporate books: minute book, shareholders book, book of variable capital.
  • Elaboration of debt securities: equity securities, promissory notes, etc.
  • Preparation of calls for General Shareholders or Partners and Board of Directors Meetings and assistance, drafting and notarization of Meetings.
  • Corporate Opinion and regularization of societies, in order to comply with the law and statutes.
  • Legal advice for the transmission, transformation, merger or division of a company.
  • Review of civil, commercial, financial contracts.
  • Prepare and process powers, certified copies, ratification and signing of contracts.
  • Request and assistance of faith facts.

Labor law

Whitaker has a fairly solid area in Labor Law, where we take care of the content Advisory and application of labor standards with the following services.

  • We give legal advice and attend labor lawsuits for unfair dismissal.
  • We give legal advice and reorganize working conditions of your company.
  • We create internal labor regulations and process your registration with the Board of Conciliation and Arbitration, both local and federal.
  • We take care of labor inspections.
  • We take care of collective disputes and strike calls.

Commercial law

Our team of lawyers specializing in this field are responsible for reviewing business processes to minimize economic risks, which is achieved through legal measures and preventive resources. We are prepared to make the necessary claims via the courts in commercial and business matters. Our wide experience in litigation allows us to be highly effective, which along with our training and experience translates into important benefits to our customers.

Civil law

Because we believe that your business or your heritage must be protected, our firm offers legal services in several different areas of civil law, such as:

  • Trials concerning leasing.
  • Collection of debts and nonperforming loans.
  • Regularizing property.
  • Completion or termination of contracts.
  • Protection for lending among others.

Administrative law.

In this area we dedicate to the defense of our clients against acts of administrative authorities, such as:

  • Licensing, applications for permits and authorizations before federal and local agencies.
  • We help with and follow verification visits by federal and local administrative authorities.
  • We take care of disputes and litigation in Mexico City Courts.
  • We give legal advice and follow closures.
  • Consultancy and legal representation in expropriation decrees.
  • We take care of proceedings before COFEPRIS.
  • We take care of hearing before PROFECO , COFEPRIS, PRODECOM.

Criminal law

The protection of freedom and heritage are crucial for anyone, Whitaker Mexico has highly qualified lawyers for

  • Starting the research folders with the prosecutor.
  • Defense in criminal proceedings.
  • Strategies for crime prevention within companies.
  • Theft investigation within the company.

Industrial property

Our teams of specialist lawyers in this category include the following services:

  • We analyze the viability of the name proposed for registration and request the registration of your brand, commercial notice and statement of your business name.
  • We develop transmission rights contracts, licenses, franchises.
  • We give legal advice and handle resources, nullity and protection against the resolutions of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property.
  • Request statement of administrative infringements of industrial property.


Our teams of specialist lawyers in this category include the following services:

  • We analyze and process the registration and protection of your works (literary, drawing, painting, music, computer programs, architectural, etc.)
  • We analyze and process the registration and protection of your rights reserves (stage name, titles and periodical publishing, advertising promotions)
  • We develop publishing contracts, distribution, licensing, commissioned work, confidentiality, use of image.
  • We request statement of administrative infringements of industrial property.
  • We give legal advice and handle resources, nullity and protection against the resolutions of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property.


Sponsorship, representation, advice and advocacy, before all kinds of administrative authorities and Arbitration Courts, such as: Federal Consumer Protection Agency, National Banking and Securities Commission and National Insurance and Surety Commission.


Our lawyers hold sponsoring customers who have submitted indirect protection against acts of authority, decentralized agencies and against laws, regulations, decrees and newsletters.

Customs law

In Whitaker Mexico,we understand entrepreneurs in the global environment and not just in the domestic arena, so we know that the vast majority of them import or export goods or services, so they have in our firm an ally that allows them to strengthen their import processes or export, including customs compliance issues and its surroundings, as well as administrative processes in this matter or litigation in any state or federal locally.

Family law

In our firm we are convinced of the importance of healthy family relationships, for which we have attorneys who will work with you in:

  • Divorce trials.
  • Alimony.
  • Wills and estates.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Acknowledgment of paternity.

Immigration law

Our firm has specialists in the field, where we offer the following services:

  • Analyzing what the best option is for a foreigner to legally stay in our country (work visa, family ties, tourist) based on his/her needs.
  • We help foreigners who wish to obtain Mexican citizenship.
  • We help you annotate, legalize and translate foreign documents.
  • We analyze what the best option is for relatives, dependents or accompanying foreigners residing in our country.
  • We give legal support to Mexican firms that hire foreigners.

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